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  • 20,000 sq. meters (Total plot area).
  • 1,500 sq. meter Receiving area or raw material holding area
  • 2,100 sq. meter Galvanizing plant
  • 1,200 sq. meter final product holding area.
  Surface Preparation and Treatment Section  

Abrasive blast cleaning:

  • Auto blaster: An automatic steel shot blasting unit with passage opening of 2 meter width and 1 meter height. The average capacity is 30 Tons per hour for heavy structural steels.
  • Manual blasting machine: We have two point manual garnet blasting unit for odd shaped items.

Jigging Area

Pre-treatment tanks:
Total 10 pre-treatment tanks of dimensions 13 meter (L) x 1.6 meter (W) x 3 meter (H)

  • One degreasing tank
  • One water rinsing after degreasing
  • Five Hydrochloric for pickling
  • Two water rinsing after pickling
  • One pre-flux-Zinc ammonium chloride solution

Pre-treatment tanks
Drying Oven:
Overall size 13 meter (L) x 4.6meter (W) x 4.4 meter (H). All the steel will be heated to a temperature of 80 to 100 degree centigrade before galvanizing in the Drying oven
  Hot Dip Galvanizing Kettle  

Zinc kettle size: 13 M (Long) x 1.6M (Wide) x 3M (Deep)

Zinc Kettle
  Post Galvanizing Treatment Tanks  
  • One water quenching tank 13 meter (L) x 3 meter (W) x 3 meter (H).
  • One Di-chromating tank 13 meter (L) x 1.6 meter(W) x 3 meter (H)

Water quenching tank
  Materials Handling Equipment  
  • 2 units of 10 ton capacity each Goliath Cranes in the pre-treatment area.
  • 3 units of 10 Tons capacity joint hoist on the mono-rail system in galvanizing area above the zinc kettle.
  • 4 nos. 5 tons forklifts & 2 nos. 3 tons forklifts
  Production Capacity  

5000 tons per month of heavy structural steel.

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