Galvanizing Facilities

26,500 Sq. Meter

Total plot area

1,500 Sq. Meter

receiving area or raw material holding area

2,100 sq. meter

Galvanizing plant

1,200 Sq. meter

Final product holding area.

1,200 Sq. meter

Painting area

Pre-treatment tanks:

We have total of 9 pre-treatment tanks of dimensions 13-meter (L) x 1.6-meter (W) x 3 meters (H)

    • One degreasing tank
    • One water rinsing after degreasing
    • Five Hydrochloric for pickling
    • One water rinsing after pickling
    • One pre-flux-Zinc ammonium chloride solution
    • Two semi goliath crane Morris in Pre-Treatment Area (Each 10 ton)

Drying Oven:

Overall size 13-meter (L) x 4.6-meter (W) x 4.4 meter (H). All the steel will be heated to a temperature of 50 to 70 degree centigrade before galvanizing in the Drying oven.