Why Painting

  • Painting (Epoxy coating) uses a chemical mix of two liquid components, epoxy resin and hardener, to create a tough, solvent-resistant finish that can be applied to floors, countertops and decks. Many types of epoxy are noted for their durability and can be used to seal concrete floors, steel and other industrial materials.

  • Steel which has been properly protected against the dangers of atmospheric attack can retain its strength for many years Painting (Epoxy based coating) that is widely used to protect steel pipe used in pipeline construction, concrete reinforcing bars (rebar) and on a wide variety of piping connections, valves etc.
Benefits of Painting (Epoxy Coating)

Once epoxy cures, it becomes a hard finished surface. Most equipment manufacturers use a white enamel paint because it is cheaper. With enamel paint, you will have to repaint tanks much more often due to rust, and that includes tanks that reside indoors. Epoxy paint coatings will last approximately five years, even if the tank resides outdoors.

Do you love the earth? We do too! Not only is it the most durable, but epoxy coating is also an environmentally friendly choice. Due to epoxy’s high cohesion, fumes will not erode or dissolve into the environment including your air or traces of water. Additionally, recoating less frequently results in less chemicals being used overall.

Similar to other smooth surfaces, epoxy is very easy to keep clean. Most materials wash off easily and the hardness of the material makes permanent stains unlikely. We work with many food-related industries and it is critical for them to have the ability to keep their processing plant clean.

Many steel processing tanks are placed outdoors, which can cause corrosion issues. With an epoxy tank coating, your steel tank will be able to withstand extreme temperatures, such as up 390 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also be water resistant. No need to dread the spring, with epoxy coating you will be covered!

Painting (Epoxy Coating) is extremely strong and durable, which makes it impact resistant. This means that your coating will not crack, split or fracture on impact.

Chemical corrosion is common in industrial plants because harmful chemicals are often used for cleaning and machinery operation. An epoxy coating is ideal because it will protect your tank from these harsh chemicals. Don’t let an accidental spill or leak ruin the exterior coating of your tanks.

What is Painting (Epoxy Coating) Used For ?

Epoxy coatings provide optimum protection against abrasion, turbulence, corrosive fluids and extreme temperatures. Epoxy coating is not only durable, but also resistant to many corrosive substances. Epoxies are a top choice for many industrial coating applications, including steel, metal, concrete, and more.